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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bucking the Custom

There is a small metal pannel on the side because your refrigerator after all is just a giant
message center that coincidentally also makes your goodies nice and cold, so my next
project is to make this look better, I am going to wallpaper it so that it actually
looks like a cute bulletin board.

  + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

When we moved into this home it was new, it was already built and we had no choice on finishes and so have spent all out time changing out those finishes because they were the least expensive the builder could find. I couldn't stand the kitchen cabinets, they were oak...and as kryptonite is to Superman, as Golden Oak is to me. I painted them and took out the inside upper cabinet panels and replaced them with frosted glass panels. We had a new refrigerator from our previous home (pride of the Hubby) but it was black and the Hubby is Irish and not about to let go of that fridge to just buy another. Now there is nothing that makes me weak kneed faster than mis-matched appliances, the sheer thought keeps me up at night. So my solution was BEAD-BOARD!! I love this stuff, I would make everything out of bead-board if I could. They key is to get the cheapie thin stuff, and some trim, and a lot of glue and magnets. Measure each door, make sure that you stop short of any obstruction like handles or hinges, trim it out, glue on the magnets, and VIOLA!! you have a custom paneled refrigerator. Now to make this believable you must add bead-board to other things in the room, in my case the front of my island was what I chose to add more bead-board, to as well as a wall panel to hide the flatscreen wiring running down the wall and the front of the window seat (see below). Should you ever want to remove it, you can however if you know you will never go back, just glue it right onto the refrigerator.

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Very nice! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!