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Thursday, February 16, 2012

I need a little color in my life!

I need a little inspiration:

adding just a touch of green in a primarily white room gives the illusion of freshness

the graffiti wall is so over the top it and adding the other elements makes for a magical environment

Lost of strong dark neutrals, but with the addition of the neutral table and the plants it puts more emphasis on those few things, making for a very pleasant environment in which to dine

I've always liked the pink and green combination, the walls are very interesting and unexpected

Just WOW....and a little bit goes a long way

love this color, and a favorite dress in a frame is the icing on the cake

this is just clever, amy different patterns, and they all work harmoniously together

this is my favorite kitchen right now, the pops of red around the room remind one of chocolate covered cherries 

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Maternal Love

Love sent to a Soldier

Give a useful Valentine! I printed off a bunch of the above on these magnetic sheets and gave them as Valentines and after Valentines Day they become useful Refrigerator Magnets.

 a Very Happy Valentines Day to you!

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Friday, February 10, 2012

I always remember Julia on Valentines Day

Every Valentines Day brings back the memory of this card. I have always appreciated Julia Child for her cooking skills, and no matter how hard I tried I could never, ever seem to replicate what she was whipping up in the kitchen. I always saw her on PBS as rather stuffy and that her humor was more of the accidental kind. That is until I began to read some of her book, and it translated completely different. Julia, you see was a wild child, all in a very conservative wrapper, just bursting to come out...and Julia was so very, very funny.

above is Julia in San Mateo, California at age 23..she was a cutie. Now I totally "get her"

The above still makes me smile when I read it, and I think sums up what she was all about. I must say, I have to agree with her. The moral of this story is to never judge a book by it's cover.
Celebrate the wild child in you!

The Subject is Romance

This is Romance the way it used to be, do you think it's changed, or it all the same on the inside wrapped in a different era on the outside?
All of these images can be used for pictures or for pillows or well, just about anything your imagination can come up with. If you do create something with them please be sure to come back and share it with the rest of us! Happy Crafting, and have a great weekend.

Title: "Peg o'my heart" Love, laughter, romance  Related Names Manners, J. Hartley. 
Federal Theatre Project (U.S.) , sponsor

Title: The intruder a powerful comedy drama of the East & West : the love and romance of an outlaw : by Robert J. Sherman.

Title: Jas. H. Wallick presents The dairy farm a romance of Sleepy Hollow by Eleanor Merron.

Title: Imre Kiralfy's historical romance, Venice, the bride of the sea at Olympia the greatest production of modern times at Olympia.

Title: "The squall" Jean Bart's drama of romantic Spain.

Title: James T. Powers in The blue moon

Title: Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines as presented 200 nights at Garrick Theatre, N.Y. : Clyde Fitch's best comedy.

Title: Chas. H. Yale & Sidney R. Ellis present golden voiced Al. H. Wilson in A prince of tatters by Sidney R. Ellis

Title: Kane, Shipman & Colvin present When knighthood was in flower by Chas. Major & Paul Kester

Title: Paul & Virginia

Title: Romeo & Juliet

Title: John Drew's new play, Rosemary

Title: Wm. H. Crane. A Virginia courtship

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I always remember Julia on Valentines Day

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Going Green...with a little eggplant

In honor of Go Green Week , 6 - 12 February 2012.........

I re-upholstered the cushions on these two chairs. The room was originally red and gold and it's is now a more updated green and eggplant. I should just avoid fabric stores because I see all the fantastic fabric and all the possibilities which will always cause me to re-upholster everything in the house. Recently I found an incredible shop about 40 miles away and I have now visited it twice this month. Is there a clinic for people like me?

The chairs used to look like this:

I also added new burlap pillows and discovered something interesting. The particular burlap I purchased has a lot of body, it is also very thick because I mainly chose it because I want to re-upholster my spiderweb chairs (that is this coming week if all goes according to plan..as we all know all good plans always stay right on schedule). All I have to create these images is the inkjet transfers. They leave kind of a nasty waxy film on your fabric, however I have found that if you iron over them once they are on your fabric, the image doesn't disappear, the waxy, plastic substance just gets absorbed into the fabric further. It still makes the fabric a bit stiff, but more like starch than a plastic/ wax coat. I attempted this on linen as well as this rough thick burlap. The only difference is that the image is more faded on the burlap and much clearer and crisper on the linen. This is ok with me as I kind of wanted it much more faded out on the burlap. This will however ruin your iron....I wish I had considered this before I used my good iron. You can purchase a cheap iron for about $20. When using the burlap  the black print tends to build up on the iron and will deposit on the edges, this was also ok with me as it added to the age. Just remember to turn the iron down and swipe the image, do not let it sit on the image more than a split second. You will need to go over it again and again until you see the waxy substance disappear. Good Luck. It gets easier as you do it a few times.

images on pillows thanks to Graphics Fairy (my new Fairy Godmother <3)

and the rest of the Living room with more new pillows made from the fabric from the FS that I couldn't leave without (I am just now re-building my stockpile)

I painted the big painting behind the chair...my daughter said I should get rid of it, my husband says
to leave it there..what do you guys think...should it stay or should it go?

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